Educational Storytelling in your Classroom

Any story can be educational. I work with children to create their own stories and teach them the stories I've told for years! I bring many years of my experience as a teacher to all my work in education, and my tellings in schools have always generated praise from both pupils and teaching staff. As well as educational storytelling sessions, I offer English work linked to my visit and storytelling workshops for both pupils and teachers. Visits can be structured to fit in with themes already being explored in the curriculum, or specific project work can be undertaken.

During my 27-year career as a teacher of English in comprehensive schools in Essex, it was my love of stories that helped to make me popular with my students. Whether teaching lower down the school or to “A” Level students, I have always attempted to engender understanding and appreciation in my students of the language and images used by the writers.

After attending a course in 1986 where I first listened to a storyteller, I began to explore the power of oral storytelling for myself. As a result of this, during my time as a teacher, I started to run storytelling workshops, an oracy in-service training day for a special school, established an oracy week at one school, a storytelling day at another, and wrote a storytelling unit for Year 9 students.

I have visited many Schools in Essex with great success, both telling stories and conducting workshops. I am always willing to discuss ideas for projects with teachers prior to my visit and can often offer linked English work based on my story sessions. I have also worked with the Essex Schools Advisory Service delivering workshops for both students and teachers.

School Tale Telling Programmes include:

  • “The Magic Eye” A journey into other worlds of the imagination

  • “A World of Stories” Tales from around the globe

  • “Tales Which Explain the World” Stories of how things came to be

  • “Brave Men and Clever Women” Everyone can be a hero

  • Greek Myths (Plus the creation of new myths)

  • The Arabian Nights (Plus the creation of new tales)

  • “Canterbury Tales” Stories from Chaucer’s masterpiece (Secondary Schools)

  • The Problem of Prometheus (Secondary Schools)

  • The Essex Witch Trials (Secondary Schools)


  • “Creating the Pictures” Moving the story from text to mouth

  • “A Book for Beginners” Creating a picture book of a traditional tale

  • “Story Games” Encouraging speaking and listening

  • Creating your own tale – Written or oral

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