Traditional Entertainment

There is a misconception about storytelling. People believe that it is simple, and that anyone with a voice is up to the job. This couldn't be further from the truth. It is an ancient tradition that requires vast amounts of skill, technique, and presence, which is why there are only a few hundred storytellers left in the UK. As someone who has honed their craft over many years, I am able to perform without a book. I have a repertoire of around 200 tales from the oral tradition which entertain my adult audiences. Telling them orally, without the barrier of having a book, adds an aurora of authenticity to my work.

Self-Created Tales

As a member of Essex Storytellers, I have been involved in creating a number of adult tellings based around the folklore and history of Essex, with "The Battle of Maldon," "Essex Islands," and "Tales Across the Colne" all being featured. " I performed "Scratching The Surface" and adult telling of tales based around Mersea Island in theatres and arts centres around East Anglia during 2005, and in 2007, and I performed "A Green Mist Rising", the story of the Essex witch trials of 1645, in museums and schools all over Essex.

Some of my other programmes include:

  • "Into The Shadowlands" - Linked Irish stories of encounters with the fair folk

  • "Brave Men and Clever Women" - Stories of heroes, heroines, and ordinary folk

  • "Tales from Wales" - A programme of Welsh folktales and personal anecdotes

Adult Programmes

  • “Brave Men and Clever Women” Stories of heroes, heroines and ordinary folk

  • “Into The Shadowlands” Linked Irish stories of encounters with “the fair folk”

  • “The Times of Finn Macool” Tales of the great Irish Hero

  • “An East Anglian Evening” Stories from East Anglia

  • “Canterbury Tales” - A selection of stories from Chaucer’s masterpiece

  • The Draenog, The Devil and Welsh Tales The Tylwyth Teg

  • Cantref Gwaelod and other Welsh Legends

I am currently working on some new stories and programmes, look below to see the programme I have in preparation:

  • The Problem of Prometheus

  • The White Wizard of Essex – stories of James “Cunning” Murrell

I am also able to offer the following workshops:

  • Telling Tales – A beginners workshop in oral storytelling

  • Choosing your stories – A look at repertoire and suitability for your audience

  • Developing your craft – For tellers with some experience

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