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The age-old adage, "it's the way you tell them," is proved true by the expert skills of professional storytellers. Although adult stories are often humorous and entertaining, in order for the audience to be encapsulated, they must be told by a skilled talespinner.


Teachers are constantly searching for new and unique ways to teach children while also maintaining their attention. I offer my assistance in this department, visiting many schools to tell exciting educational tales and conduct workshops that improve their literacy skills.

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Only when you have been in the presence of a talented storyteller will you truly experience a mesmerising tale. I'm Carl Merry, a talespinner in Wickford, Essex, and for more than 25 years I have been entertaining and educating audiences with my stories. Utilising 20 years of teaching experience, I adapt my performances to suit the demographic of the audience. Storytelling is a dying art, so book one of my performances now before it is too late.